Harbor Console


Currently harbor console only works with our sandbox environment.

Harbor console is a an application for managing your towers. As a developer you will likely need to debug your tower during development. Harbor console will display the towers that are assigned to you.

If no towers show up after you log in, there are no towers assigned to you and you will need to contact us.
From Harbor Console you are able to manually manage your tower’s locker status.
Select your tower, if it’s not set up be sure to do that
harbor towers
Here you will see your tower’s lockers.
harbor lockers status

Your locker will have one of the following states:

  1. Available

  2. Occupied

  3. Reserved

  4. Out of service

  5. Rented

  6. Declined

If you need to open a door, your locker should be in Available status You can read more about the status of lockers here make a delivery