Welcome to Harbor Documentation!

This is the documentation to understand how to build your application on top of Harbor services.
You can check a detailed list of our api endpoints for services providers: https://api.harborlockers.com/docs

What are Harbor Services?

Harbor provides a Public Network of Lockers and enables developers and companies to build their applications on this open network.
You can allow your users or your company to easily ship, store, and receive goods with infinite possibilities.

Step-by-step guide

This is Harbor Harry, he’s here to help you understand harbor lockers and avoid common pitfalls.

Location/Tower/Locker example

These are the steps to get started with the integration with Harbor Locker services.

  1. Understand How Harbor works.

  2. Get credentials and Hardware.

  3. Setup Hardware using Harbor Cockpit.

  4. Set up the SDK.

  5. Create an access token

  6. Discover your tower

  7. And then you can make a delivery!