Setup Hardware using Harbor Cockpit

The following steps are required to set up a tower into the Harbor system.

Note that whether it’s a new tower or a tower being restarted/recovered, the steps must be the same to ensure there is no data corruption.


  • Physical IoS or Android device. A simulator will not work.

  • Have your Tower ID and login information. We will provide you with both of these.

  • Make sure your phone has the right date and time configured. Ios Android

  • Stay nearby the tower (Within 10 feet) so you have a strong bluetooth signal to connect to it.

  • The Harbor Cockpit app - download for: Ios or Android

Factory reset

A factory reset will restore your board to the factory state, by resetting the tower ID to 0’s, removing the configuration, location, and name. Factory resets are a great way to solve pesky issues.

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Log in to the environment your tower is in and connect to your tower.

  2. Press the “Factory reset” button and press “ok”. This will disconnect you from the tower.

  3. This will take a few minutes to complete. Once the process is complete you will see your tower displayed in every environment like this:

    Location/Tower/Locker example
  4. Your tower is now completely reset.

Firmware Update

  1. If you have a new tower (or after a factory reset) you can log in to any environment and connect to your tower.

  2. If your tower is not new, you can find out which environment your tower should be using by checking your tower ID.
    The first 2 numbers will tell you which environment your tower is configured to.
10 - production
01 - sandbox
00 - development
  1. Log in, discover towers, and connect to your tower.

    Location/Tower/Locker example
  2. Press the “Firmware Update” button and select the verison of firmware you want to download

    Location/Tower/Locker example
  3. Select the firmware you want to download.

    Location/Tower/Locker example
  4. Press and slide the “Slide to install” button all the way to the right and give it a few minutes.

If you want to also factory reset your board, check the “Auto restore Factory Settings after install” box. This will wipe all of the tower’s data.

  1. After waiting a few minutes, Reconnect and see the firmware number displayed has changed.

Setting tower Id and downloading configuration

You should have a provided tower Id to complete these steps After a factory reset (or in the case of a new tower) the tower will need a tower ID and configuration.
  1. Log in to Harbor Cockpit and connect to your tower.

  2. Discover towers, and then connect to your tower.

  3. Select “Set Tower ID”, and enter your tower ID into the “New Tower ID” box and make sure “Download Tower configuration” is checked before pressing “Save new Tower ID”

    This will disconnect you from the tower. When reconnecting you will should see the tower ID displayed along with the name of your tower.

    Location/Tower/Locker example

Testing hardware/Locks

Having a problem with your app? Here how to find out if the problem is your app or your board.

  1. Connect to your tower with Harbor cockpit

  2. Select “Test Hardware”

  3. Select the port that you want to open. If you are unsure of what port the locks you have are connected, check Here or you can hit “Open ALL”

    Location/Tower/Locker example